Cherry Blossom time at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens


On the first truly warm day of the year, we took 45 seniors from our centers on a trip to the 100-year old Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. With the cherry blossoms in full gorgeous bloom,  our seniors were eager to to view the flowers. They began their tour at the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden, which was the first Japanese Garden developed in the United States, and is the most visited Japanese Garden in the world outside Japan. After the Japanese Garden, the  seniors set off to see other sights such as the acclaimed Bonsai conservatory, and ended their trip after enjoying a picnic lunch under the flowering trees.


8 Ways Our Seniors had fun on Bear Mountain

On August 2nd, 50 of India Home’s seniors took a trip to Bear Mountain State Park in New York State.  And boy, do they know how to have fun….


1. They recited jokes, and poetry on the bus, often their own creations.


2. There were snacks. Pre-lunch, at lunch, and post lunch. Lots of snacks. 

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3. They made sure they took lots of BFF pictures- and by that we mean, lots.


4. They took advantage of the view, and ….the props


5. They raised their hands and screamed….or maybe it was power yoga? Whatever it was, they had fun doing it.


6. They helped each other…

thumb_DSC_0539_1024 thumb_DSC_0526_1024 thumb_DSC_0481_1024

7. …enjoy the view

photo 2

8. and some even went on a boating expedition.

All of which only makes us grateful to our seniors for showing us their true spirit- generous, loving and bursting with life.



Picture credits: CK Lalita, Anokha Venugopal, Bharat Patel. For more pictures of the trip to Bear Mountain, go here