Little India magazine’s cover story on India Home

Little India magazine’s Zofeen Maqsood wrote a cover story titled “Growing Old in America” that featured India Home and interviewed several of our long term patrons.

“Dr Kiran Dave, one of the founding members of India Home, says, “People have also realized the absolute necessity of dedicated centers.” She cites her own example: “My mother was a scientist, but in her old age she suffered from Alzheimer’s dementia. I put her in a nursing home, but she was not happy, as it was not culturally sensitive. My mother, a woman who was fluent in English, yearned to talk to someone in her native language.

“Besides her treatment required major finances, which we could afford as we were physicians, but that made me realize how important are such centers for aging and that was the motivation behind India Home.” Read more here

India Home featured on Voice of America

For 75 years the Voice of America – VOA has been the the official news source of the United States government and provides news and information in 47 languages to a weekly audience of more than 236.6 million people on 5 continents around the world. On July 26, 2017 they did a multi-media segment on India Home.

To read more, click here:  Voice of America on India Home and Culturally Appropriate Services for Seniors 

Popular podcast Feet in 2 Worlds creates a podcast about India Home

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From the website:  “We all live like one family in India Home.”

Growing old is tough. It’s even more of a challenge when you’ve immigrated to a new country, been separated from family and friends, and are adjusting to a different language and culture.

Senior citizens from India and across South Asia who have immigrated to New York City have found an antidote to loneliness and isolation at India Home, a series of community centers in Queens.

Reporters Sruti Penumetsa and Alex Wynn produced an audio portrait of this unique program that offers everything from classes in Yoga and Ayurvedic practices to comfort food and information on social services.

AARP features India Home members

For Valentine’s Day 2017 AARP’s Asian American Pacific Islander channel featured a video starring our members Dinesh and Kusumben Parmar. It was created by Next Day Better and captured the Parmars’ love story based on unconditional love and sacrifice.

Next Avenue

Next Avenue, a popular website from PBS, highlighted Chandrakant Sheth, a long time India Home member, in its feature about aging in NYC called This is What Growing Old Looks Like.

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Diverse Elders Coalition blog

Diverse Elders Coalition blogged about India Home’s efforts to support South Asian American elders:

South Asian American older adults need assistance with transportation and accessing public services, they need healthcare that respects their traditions and meets their unique needs, they are worried about citizenship and unjust deportation of their families and communities, and they rely on social safety net programs like the ACA and Medicare to ensure that they can age with health and dignity. Click here to read more.

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India Home in the Huffington Post

India Home was featured in The Huffington Post


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Seniors’ dance event in DNAinfo

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