DNA Info features India Home’s Stylin’ Seniors

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“Ten seniors volunteered to take part in the photo series, some dressing in traditional clothing. India Home provided a makeup artist and DFTA’s photographer, Richard Henry, took photos.

Participants shared their immigration stories and what they liked best about India Home.

Butala, who came to the United States from Gujarath, India, in 1980, worked for years at a drugstore at JFK Airport, she told the photographer. Now that she’s retired, India Home is “like a home away from home.”

Times Ledger: New South Asian Senior Center


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Muslim Observer: Desi Senior Center Thriving


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NBC NEWS: A Home Away from Home

NBC News did an entire feature on India Home's Desi Senior Center

NBC News did an entire feature on India Home’s Desi Senior Center

NBC News: A Desi Senior Center Takes Root in Queens

“Shahanaz Sultana knows about this firsthand. She was afraid to leave her daughter’s house for months when she first emigrated to the United States from Bangladesh because she does not speak English. Things started looking brighter, she says, once she began attending the senior center with her husband. She has made several friends here and feels more confident.

“It feels good to come here,” Sultana said. “My mind feels refreshed.” She says she feels physically better too – once suffering from severe pain in her arms, the pain has lessened since she started taking exercise classes at the center, she claims.”

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Queens Chronicle

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Voices of NY : A Home away from Home

Hasmukh Shah, 80, says he would not know where he would be without India Home. “Socialization is very important. We eagerly await Mondays as we enjoy mingling together. We laugh and become like children. Its very important to laugh – that increases our life for a few more years.” Shah’s wife, Sharada, 77, shares his sentiment. “We are waiting for Mondays to come because we get together, socialize. Before we don’t know so many people but now we know and are very close.”

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Daily News

Daily News