Case Management


Afroditi Shah Panna is India Home's new Case Manager.

Shah Afroditi Panna is a Case Manager at India Home.

India Home offers case assistance, information and referrals to their senior members to help them gain access to needed services, benefits, and entitlements they would be unable to obtain without such aid. Many of our seniors are either unaware of the appropriate benefits and services available to them or are unable to make their case to the appropriate agencies. Many of our seniors have Limited English Proficiency or lack access to the means necessary such as a computer or transportation to access the services they need. In order to provide this support our case manager reaches out to the seniors in the center to discover their needs, inform them of appropriate benefits and services available to them, and assist in obtaining the desired services or benefits through referrals and advocacy. The case manager identifies entitlements for which our members may be eligible and develops a client service plan and may provide advocacy on behalf of our clients to assert client rights and eligibility benefits or services. India Home provides multi-lingual help in Bengali, Hindi, and English.

Some of the situations we provide case management for are:

Benefits – Low income members make Inquiries about benefits like SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance program), SSI (Supplemental Social Security Income), Housing Assistance, Disability Benefits and other benefits.

Transportation – Many of our members require assistance to fill in the application for Reduced Fare Metrocards or Access-A-Ride.

Health Insurance – Members need help with Health Insurance renewal, change of address, Medicaid Applications, information their eligibility for Medicare/Medicaid or ACA coverage.

Bill disputes – Members sometimes need help with understanding or resolving disputes about their internet/cable bill, or medical service bills.

Documents review – The Case Manager sometimes needs to read letter/documents for members and to explain or interpret them.

Employment – Many members ask questions about employment, senior employment programs, and how to get income support.

Citizenship/immigration – Our seniors have questions about or need help with citizenship, re-entry permission, green card, visa issues and other immigration help.

Mental Health First Aid – Our case manager is certified in Mental Health First Aid to help older adults with anxiety, depression, social isolation, and more.