India Home’s seniors take part in dance night! Includes 81 year old Kamuben!

On the night of Saturday May 7, over 700 people watched India Home’s seniors dance the vigorous folk dance from Gujarat, known as the Ras Garba, on stage at the Hindu Community Center in Flushing. The event was part of Ras Garba Ramzat, a dance night, organized by Shashikant Patel and Gopi Udeshi, organizers of Bruhud Seniors. Over 80% of the participants dancing were seniors! They were dressed in spectacular garba outfits, and danced with great joy, whirling and twirling to the music. India Home sponsored the venue for Ramzat. India Home’s Executive Director, Dr. Vasundhara Kalasapudi, marveled: “Watching them dance, I feel that all India Home’s efforts to keep our seniors healthy and happy is truly worthwhile.”

Kamuben, who is 81, was one of the dancers. Before the event she practiced the dance for an hour at least twice a week. She said, “I enjoyed the practice and loved dancing the garba on stage. I want to keep doing such programs.”

We asked her what the secret to her good health was and she said, “It’s god’s gift.” When we pressed her on her health routines she said. “I have a regular dinner, regular day, regular TV. I do all the housework, and read a lot. I walk for 30 minutes and you know,I do yoga every morning that I learned here at India Home. I only eat vegetarian food.”

Does she think about her age? “Not at all. Year comes and years go. Take rest and be happy.”

Kamuben and all the other seniors at India Home have a lot to teach us about loving life fiercely and living it with gusto.

Photo by Chhotalal Mehta