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Pains, Trains, and no Automobiles: Abu Sayeed’s Commute Highlights Transportation Difficulties for Elders in NYC

Three mornings a week, Abu Sayeed, 64, wakes up in his home in Cyprus Hills in Brooklyn, NY, worrying about the subway. He wonders if he’ll manage get the right train? How long will he have to wait? As he gets ready for his long walk to the station – putting on a cap, a thick sweater, sports…

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Our elders need better service from MTA and Access -A-Ride

India Home’s programs end around 2:00 pm most days. Even as the Program Staff are winding down, we notice our seniors patiently waiting in the lobby, sometimes as long as 45 minutes. Some of them have canes or walk with difficulty. They are waiting for their rides home, and sometimes they wait a very long time. Every once in a while,…

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